۱۲th international seminar on polymer science and technology


The 12th International Seminar on Polymer Science and Technology (ISPST 2016) is the continuation of the ISPST past successful series, which is aimed to provide a forum for presentation, discussion and disseminations of current and future trends in polymeric materials and to facilitate information exchange among researchers with diverse interests, in various polymeric fields. The previous 11 seminars were:

Important Dates

  •  Extended Abstract Submission Deadline:۱۰ July 2016 ->Extended to ۳۱ July 2016 ->Extended to ۰۵ August 2016
  • Abstract acceptance notification: ۱۰ September 2016
  • Registration deadline: ۲۵ September 2016
  • Conference dates: ۲-۵ November 2016

Contact Information

ISPST 2016 Office: +۹۸۲۱ ۴۴۷۸۷۰۶۰

Site Management: +۹۸۲۱۸۸۳۰۴۸۷۰ , +۹۸۲۱۸۳۸۴۳۲۸۱ & +9821 83843283

Email: info@ispst.ir

Website: http://www.ispst.ir

Address of Seminar Venue : Address of seminar venue

Shohaday-e Hesarak Boulevard, North End of Sattari Highway, University Square, Central Organization of Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran